Autronica X32AF AutroFlame Multispectrum IR Hydrogen Flame Detector

The Autronica X32AF has state-of-the-art IR Flame Detection and is able to detect invisible hydrogen flames. The X32AF locks on the water-band IR emissions of hydrogen flame, it uses multispectrum infrared (MIR) technology to avoid false alarms. This Autronica Flame Detector provides superior performance in applications that are extreme but also where background IR radiation is in a normal condition.


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FM 3260 (2000)
EN54 Certified
Certified SIL 2 capable
ATEX directive compliant
Certified performance
Extended detection range
New standard set for cone of vision
HART models available
FDT/DTM capable
Multiple sensitivity levels
Maximum false alarm rejection
Microprocessor controlled heated optics
Calibrated automatic optical check for each
sensor eliminates need for testing with external test lamp
RFI and EMC directive compliant
Event logging with time and date stamp
Integral wiring compartment for ease of installation
Solar resistance.

The Autronica X32AF​ is suitable for:
Hangars with hydrogen or hypergolic fueled vehicles
Refineries hydrogen storage areas
Chemical loading racks
Hydrogen compressor areas
Hydrogen cooled generators
Fertilizer plants
Silane storage
Gas plants
Refrigerator buildings.
The Autronica X32AF AutroFlame Multispectrum IR Hydrogen Flame Detector.