Autronica AutroFlame IR Flame Detector BG-21

The Autronica AutroFlame BG-21 is a point flame detector, which detects fires involving combustion of carbonaceous materials. The detector has a IP-rating of 66 and 67, making it suitable for the harshest environments.

Autronica BG-21

The AutroFlame BG-21 can be used with most of the conventional fire alarm panels, which gives alarm on the current increase principle. An alarm resistor must be fitted between terminal 3 and 4.

The two infrared sensors in the AutroFlame BG-21 detects the infrared spectrum from a fire. Different parts of the infra-red spectrum are evaluated by the sensors, using this information to verify that the signals correspond to the characteristics of a real flame.

Can be used with different conventional fire alarm panels.
Different sensitivity settings possible
Comprises a built-in alarm indicator (LED)
Solar resistant
Fast detection of hydrocarbon fires
Not blinded by oil film on window
High degree of immunity to false alarm sources
EN54-10 approved
Approved to the requirement of the major maritime classification societies

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