Apollo UV/IR2 Flame Detector 55000-064

The Apollo UV/IR2  55000-064 is a combined detector using UV and IR2 detection. This, plus signal processing, allows the sensor to be used without the risk of false alarms in situations characterised by factors such as flickering blackbody by radiation or arc welding. 
 Apollo UV/IR2 Flame Detector 55000-064Features
Selectable output options: Conventional two-wire, 4-20mA, Latching or Non-latching, Relay  Contacts - Fire/Fault, Pre alarm
Class 1 sensitivity to EN54-10 detects 0.1m2 fire at 25m
High optical interference immunity
Selectable response speed
Optical self test
Low power consumption
IP65 rated
Supply voltage 14 to 30Vdc
Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C

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