Apollo Marine Intelligent Base Mounted UV Flame Detector (55000-027MAR)

The Apollo Marine Intelligent Base Mounted UV Flame Detector (55000-027MAR) is designed to protect enclosed indoor areas where open fires may be expected. This Apollo Flame Detector has a fast acting response to flames up to 25m away and is equipped with a single UV sensor with a narrow spectral response in order to discriminate between flames and most spurious sources of radiation.

The Apollo 55000-027MAR operates using the XP95 or Discovery digital protocol and is CoreProtocol compatible.

Apollo Marine Intelligent Base Mounted UV Flame Detector 55000-027MAR

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Responds to stationary flames with no flicker
Sensitive to UV radiation emitted by flames during combustion
Compact Flame Detector which fits into Apollo Discovery Marine Bases

The Apollo Marine Intelligent Base Mounted UV Flame Detector (55000-027MAR) is suitable for applications such as:
Aerospace industry (hydrogen and hydrazine fuels)
Chemical production plants
Chemical stores
Chemical transportation
Explosives and munitions
Fuel stores
Large industrial plants
Magnesium dry treatment (milling)
Motor test beds
Paint manufacturing
Paint and solvent processes
Petro-chemical (production, storage and shipping facilities)
Pharmaceutical industry
Polymers, solvents and glues
Printing works
Pump stations
Warehouses (storage facilities for flammable materials)
Wood product industry.
Range of view (at 25m): 0.1m² n-heptane
Field of view: 90°
Sensitivity: High-Class 1
Low-Class 3
Protocol voltage: 5 to 9V peak to peak
Power-up surge current: 9mA
Max. power-up time: 4 seconds
Quiescent current: 2300μA
Supply voltage (Vmin.-Vmax.): 17 to 28V dc
Humidity: 0% to 95% RH (no condensation or icing)
Operating temperature: -40 to 70°C
Ingress Protection: IP66
Storage temperature: -40 to 70°C
Weight: 150g
Color: white
Materials housing: Polycarbonate
Materials terminals: Nickel plated stainless steel
Dimensions: depth: 40mm
diameter: 100mm
Standards: EN 54-10
Approvals: CCS

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