Autronica GTR063000A07 Magnetic Door Release

The Autronica GTR063000A07 is a Magnetic Door Release with a keeper plate. The Autronica GTR063000A07 has a retaining force of 1000N (100 kg). The GTR063000A07 is used to keep open fire barriers or passage doors, and release them when there is a fire.

The GTR063000A07 is made out of 2 parts, an electromagnetic nucleus and the keeper plate. A red push button is added to make manual release possible.

Autonica GTR063000A07 Magnetic Door Release

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Clearly visible red release push button
Spring ejector
Retaining force 1000N (100 kg)
Tested according to EN 1155
Designed to meet EN 54 requirements and conforms to CE standards.
Weight: 630 g (magnet and keeper plate)
Color: Grey (RAL 7035)
Nominal voltage: 24 VDC
Nominal current: 125 mA
Power supply: 22-28 VDC
Circuit configuration: Solenoid diode polarised & suppressed
Holding force: 100 kg / 1000 N
Connections: Screw terminals
Housing: Bayblend and PA6 glass fibre
Degree of protection:
Magnet: IP54
Connection: IP42
Manual release: Yes
Temperature: -5°C to +35°C
Cable glands: M16