Kendrion FHM-750 Door Holder Magnet

The Kendrion FHM750 Door Holder Magnet Series is used to electromagnetically lock doors, for example emergency exits, safety locks, etc, with a force of 7500 Newton. These doors can be opened in case of need without a complicated procedure through the power supply. The FHM750 series have a high holding force but with a low power consumption. Reed switches monitor the position of the magnet. The magnet strips and anchor plate are protected against corrosion, and the coil is molded with epoxy.

Kendrion FHM-750 Door Holder Magnet
Technical Specifications
Voltage [V] 24
Frequency [Hz] DC
Duty cycle [%] 100
Stroke [mm] 0.0
Force [N] 7500
Performance [W] 6

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