Tyco 4B-I Isolator Base 4" for 600/800 Series 517.050.043

The Tyco 4B-I 517.050.043 Short Circuit Isolator Base is used to protect circuits that use devices that not have a built-in short circuit isolator.

Tyco 4B-I Isolator Base 4" for 600/800 Series 517.050.043Features
Continuity, Isolator and Universal variants
Quick and easy to install
Compatible with 800, 814, and 850 Series detectors
Park position for testing
Optional detector locking device
Slim 4-inch profile
Snap-fit to Ceiling Tile Adaptor

Technical Specfications
Supply Voltage 20 to 40Vdc MX Loop
Supply Current 80µA typ. (quiescent 4B-I)
Tripped Current 3.5mA (max. 4B-I)
Dimensions (H x Dia) 25 x 109 mm
Weight 64g
Material Flame Retardant ABS
Color White (optional Pantone colors for detector covers & 4B-C bases)
Ambient Temperature –25°C to +70°C
Storage Temperature –40°C to +80°C
Relative Humidity 10% to 95% (non cond.)

The Tyco 4B-I Detector Base is suited for:
601F 516.600.006 IR Flame Detector
601FM 516.600.007 Point Flame Detector
811F 516.800.007 Flame Detector
601H-M Heat Detector
601H-R-M 516.600.203 Rate of Rise Heat Detector
611HF 516.600.214 Fixed Heat Detector 60ºC
631HF 516.600.033 Fixed Heat Detector 90ºC
801H 516.800.502.Y Heat Detector
811H 516.800.509.P Heat Detector
811CH 516.800.508 Multisensor
801PH 516.800.500.Y Multisensor
811PH 516.800.507.P Multisensor
601I 516.600.005 Ion Chamber Smoke Detector
601P 516.600.001 Optical Smoke Detector
601PH 516.600.002 Optical Smoke Detector
601P-M 516.600.201 Optical Smoke Detector
601PH-M 516.600.202 Optical Smoke Detector
MR601 516.056.001 Optical Smoke Detector

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