Tyco Detector Bases

Tyco produces various Detector Bases which can be supplied by Lavastica. Bases and Deckhead mounting boxes are used to mount the various Tyco Detectors. Tyco also has Intrinsically Safe Bases available for use in hazardous areas.

Tyco Detector Bases
Lavastica International can supply Tyco Detector Bases worldwide.
For detailed product information click on the products listed below.
Article Code Description
4B 517.050.041 4" Detector Base 
5B 517.050.017 5" Detector Base
4B-I 517.050.043 Isolator 4" Detector Base
5B-I 517.050.018 Isolator 5" Detector Base
MUB M600/900 517.050.401 4" Detector Base
4B-C 517.050.042 Continuity Base 4"
4B-D 517.050.045 4" Diode Continuity Detector Base
MUB/EX 517.050.610 4" Intrinsically Safe Detector Base
MUB5/EX 517.050.023 5" Intrinsically Safe Detector Base
DHM-4B 517.050.051 Deckhead Mount Box 4"
DHM-5B 517.050.603 Deckhead Mount Box 5"