Salwico EC-ADAPT Adapter for Wet Spaces 5200178-00A

The Salwico EC-ADAPT is a connection adapter with an integrated 470 Ohm serial resistor for the installation of Salwico EC-Type detectors on the NS-2IP55 (46900) or 2IP55 (46950). The EC-ADAPT is used to connect EC-Type detectors to a conventional fire alarm system, in an IP55 environment.

The Salwico EC-ADAPT 5200178-00A Adapter is suitable for:
EC-H/A2S Heat Detector 5200172-00A
EC-H/BS Heat Detector 5200173-00A
EC-H/A1R Heat Detector 5200174-00A
EC-P Smoke Detector 5200175-00A
EC-PH/A1R Heat Detector 5200176-00A

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