Hekatron Detector Bases

The Hekatron Detector Bases are used to mount the Hekatron Detectors in various positions. Hekatron also produces Detector Bases that are suitable for use in wet or intrinsically safe spaces.

Hekatron Detector Bases
Lavastica International can supply Hekatron Detector Bases worldwide.
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Article Code Description
143A 5000350 Detector Base
143AF 5000356 Detector Base wet space
143W 5000513 Detector Base wall mount
143UH 5000359 Detector Base flush/recess
164K 5000584-0201 Air duct Detector Base >500mm
164KA 5000585-0201 Air duct Detector Base <500mm
USB-502-1 4100005-01-01 Detector Base
USB-502-2 4100005-02-01 Detector Base flush/recess mount
USB-502-3 4100005-03-01 Detector Base wet space
USB-502-7-Ex-I 4100005-07-01 Detector Base intrinsically safe