Apollo Orbis Sav-Wire Base (ORB-SW-10005-APO)

The Apollo Orbis Sav-Wire Base (ORB-SW-10005-APO) is designed to allow Orbis Detectors to be used in Sav-Wire Detection and Alarm Systems.

Apollo Orbis Sav-Wire Base (ORB-SW-10005-APO)

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Grouped terminals to make wiring easy
2 fixing centers
LED alignment mark
Cable stripping guide
Detector locking mechanism
Used in Sav-Wire systems
Wide voltage and operating temperature ranges
Flashing LED option.

TimeSaver Base® designed for fast installation
StartUp™ for fast commissioning
FasTest® reduces maintenance time
Automatic drift compensation with DirtAlert® warning to easily identify dirty Detectors
SensAlert® which indicates that the Detector is not operating properly
Optical sensor designed for high reliability and reduced false alarm incidence
Multisensor Smoke Detector for detecting fast-burning fires.
Approvals: CPD