Apollo Orbis TimeSaver Relay Base

The Apollo Orbis TimeSaver Relay Base (ORB-RB-10004-APO) incorporates a single-pole voltage-free changeover contact for switching external equipment. When the Detector changes to the alarm state, the relay is energized, causing the contact to change state. The contact will remain in this condition until the Detector is reset.

Apollo Orbis TimeSaver Relay Base (ORB-RB-10004-APO)

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Grouped terminals to make wiring easy
Wide voltage and operating temperature ranges
2 fixing centers
LED alignment mark
Cable stripping guide
Detector locking mechanism
Continuity link for voltage testing of zone wiring prior to commissioning
Capable of switching up to 30V at 1A
Flashing LED option.

TimeSaver Base® designed for fast installation
StartUp™ for fast commissioning
FasTest® reduces maintenance time
Automatic drift compensation with DirtAlert® warning to easily identify dirty Detectors
SensAlert® which indicates that the Detector is not operating properly
Optical sensor designed for high reliability and reduced false alarm incidence
Multisensor Smoke Detector for detecting fast-burning fires.
Approvals: VNIIPO