Apollo Discovery Marine Isolator (55000-721MAR)

The Apollo Discovery Marine Isolator (55000-721MAR) is placed at intervals on the loop and ensures that, in the case of a shortcircuit, only the section between the isolators will be affected. When the short-circuit is removed, the isolators automatically restore power and data to the isolated section.

Apollo Discovery Marine Isolator (55000-721MAR)

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Detects wiring shortcircuits using patented technology
Minimizes disruption from short-circuits
Automatic de-isolation on short-circuit removal
Up to 20 Detectors or equivalent load may be installed between isolators.

Approved for use in the marine environment
5 response modes for environmental adaptation
Day/night switching for increased flexibility
Drift compensation for false alarm reduction
User programmability for data
XPERT card addressing for increased security.
Approvals: ESC

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