SIMOTICS HV Series A Modyn

Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series A Modyn

The Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series A Modyn is an Electro-Motor which is suitable for use in the power generation, water/wastewater and in the steel industry. When it comes to drive solution for pumps and fans, the SIMOTICS HV Series A-Modyn is the first choice.

Siemens SIMOTICS HV Series A Modyn

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High power density and compact design
Optimized efficiency and highly efficient cooling system
MICALASTIC high-voltage insulation with VPI technology
‚ÄčOptimized Motor design with:
- special starting conditions
- integration into drive systems
Standardized engineering for a straightforward, uncomplicated design
Compact active part design and user-related shaft heights
Modular cooling design
Low noise.

Low housing dimensions
Low space requirement
Low weight
Low operating costs
High degree of reliability and long service lifetime
Motors are uniquely adapted to the particular application
Short commissioning time, faster service, low costs
Short Motors, optimized cooling and smooth running characteristics
Optimal for every plant / system configuration
Workplace safety regulations are fulfilled.
  Standard Option
Line supply voltage / frequency 10 kV / 50 Hz
13.2 kV / 60 Hz
Type of construction IM B3 (IM 1001),
IM B20 (IM 1101)
Degree of protection IP54 IP56, WP II
Cooling type IC 81 W IC 01
Shaft height 900, 1060, 1180 mm  
Rated power:
10 kV / 50 Hz
13.2 kV / 60 Hz
4.16 kV / 60 Hz
1.8 - 18.2 MW
2 - 16.2 MW

WP II: 1.9 - 16.2 MW
WP II: 5 - 15.2 MW
No. of poles:
10 kV / 50 Hz
13.2 kV / 60 Hz
4.16 kV / 60 Hz
WP II: 4 - 16
WP II: 6 - 10
Bearings Lateral flange mounted sleeve bearings  
Speed Constant, VFD  
Regulations/Standards IEC, EN, DIN, VDE NEMA, specifications (e.g. industry, energy)
Explosion protection   EEx nA II, Class 1 Division II