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Loher Vario J Ex e Series explosion-proof
Electric Motor

The Loher Vario J Ex e Series is a Electric Motor which offers a high degree of explosion protection, but are low weight at the same time. The standard copper bar rotors allows the starting and operating parameters to be optimized for each specific application. The steel version allows various bearing concepts, dimensions which can be adapted and a wide range of instruments that can be mounted.

Loher Vario J Ex e Series Explosionproof Electric Motor

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Corrosion protection using special paint finishes according to the manufacturer's standard or customer's specification
The Motors are available as special version for polar regions down to -40°C
(without pre-heating of the Motor) or desert regions up to +60°C
Wide range of connection systems for large cable cross-sections, high short-circuit strength or phase-segregated version
Optimized starting and operating parameters and high efficiency by using copper bar rotors as standard.

Used in Ex-Zone 1 for:
Available models:
Surface Cooled - Flat ribs combined with a defined inner cooling circuit with internal shaftmounted fans.
Mounted Air-water Heat Exchanger - Available with single and double pipe versions.
Mounted Air-air Heat Exchanger - Cooling pipes are manufactured out of galvanised steel, stainless steel is available for aggressive atmospheres.