Mariner Standard Displays

Mariner produces a wide range of Standard Displays, that can be used in combination with the Mariner Mounting kits. The Mariner Standard Displays are regular displays, but with the use of the Mariner Mounting Kit, it becomes a marine type-approved display.

Mariner Mounting Kits
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Mariner Standard Displays.
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Display Desk Mount Wall Mount Console Mount
LA2006x MS1310 MS1315 MS1320
LA2306x MS1330 MS1335 MS1340
LA1905wg MS1210 MS1215 MS1220
LA2205wg MS1230 MS1235 MS1240
LA2405wg MS1250 MS1255 MS1260
LA2405x MS1270 MS1275 MS1280
LA1956x MS1150 MS1155 MS1160
LA1951g MS1080 MS1085 MS1090
HP E201 MS1350 MS1355 MS1360
HP E231 MS1370 MS1375 MS1380
HP E271i MS1410 MS1415 MS1420