Indumicro IMO-A080 8" Open Frame Monitor

The Indumicro Open Frame Monitors are designed for use in commercial and industrial applications. The screen can fit in a larger unit that already has a bezel or any other framing.

The Indumicro IMO-A080 is an Open Frame Monitor that comes fully assembled and ready to use. The "T" Version of the Open Frame Monitors also come with a resistive touch screen.

Indumicro IMO-A180 Open Frame Display

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8” color active TFT flat panel Display
800 x 600 (native mode), 350 cd/m2
Optional touch screen
Ready to integrate open frame monitor
Steel chassis
VGA input (optional DVI input)
OSD controls on back side
12VDC power input (optional 11 ~ 32VDC wide range power input).
The Indumicro IMO-A080 8" Open Frame Monitor.