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Sabroe PAC Chillers

The Sabroe PAC is a ammonia based Chiller with a capacity from 200 up to 6200 kW, based on screw compressors. The Sabroe PAC Chillers are designed to make full advantage of the different Sabroe Screw Compressors. The PAC Chillers are popular due to their wide range of different sizes, and are customizable to meet specific requirements.

The Sabroe PAC Chiller has the plate evaporator/condenser, oil separator and control system all built in, meaning it provides exceptional refrigeration capacity while taking up minimum space. The advanced technology and well matched integration of the component make the chillers efficient and cost effective.

Sabroe PAC Chiller

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Factory-assembled, pre-tested packaged units
Comprehensive selection of compressor capacities, making it easier to match particular requirements
Very easy access for service
Indirect cooling and uncomplicated flooded evaporating system, using natural ammonia (R717) only
Plate evaporator/condenser are easy to open and service
Easy pre-commissioning makes installation and running-in both faster and cheaper
Avoid paying for greater capacity than needed
Improves safety, ensures maximum reliability and global sourcing of parts
Greater safety and outstanding reliability
19 different standard models of the Sabroe PAC Chillers, ranging from 200 kW up to 6200kW.
The Sabroe PAC Chillers.