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Sabroe ChillPAC compact Chiller

The Sabroe ChillPAC is a compact ammonia-based Chiller, based on a reciprocating compressor with a capacity range from 100 up to 400kW. The ChillPAC has a fully integrated design, with an extra-compact shell-and-plate evaporator/condenser, oil separator and a built in control system. This provides the Sabroe ChillPAC with exceptional refrigeration capacity.

Due to its size, the Sabroe ChillPAC is ideal for installations in places where there is limited space.

Sabroe ChillPAC Compact Chiller

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Factory-assembled, pre-tested packaged units
Exceptionally compact design and fully integrated configuration results
in less than half the footprint of bespoke chiller designs
Indirect cooling and uncomplicated flooded evaporating system, using natural ammonia (R717) only
Exceptional COP and outstanding part-load performance
Refrigerant charge 50% smaller than with conventional chillers, because of special condenser/evaporator design
Easy pre-commissioning makes installation and running-in both faster and cheaper
Major savings on both weight and space, resulting in lower installation costs
Much less need for expensive separate machinery rooms
Greater safety and outstanding reliability
Greater cooling effect from a smaller refrigerant charge
Higher output per unit kW/kg refrigerant, lower unit cost and lower installation cost.
The Sabroe ChillPAC compact Chiller.