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Sabroe SABflex Screw Compressor

The Sabroe SABflex is a Screw Compressor, designed for use where the requirements for refrigeration capacity vary over time. The Sabroe Compressors are optimized to ensure exceptional part-load performance as well as the best possible energy efficiency.

Sabroe SABFlex Screw Compressor 

The Sabroe SABflex is configured to be used with Variable-Speed Drive (VSD), ensuring
skip-free performance across the entire 1,000–6,000 rpm capacity range. The VSD van be mounted on the SABflex, or can be placed separately in an appropriate switchboard room.

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Stepless, skip-free capacity control ensures that output always matches requirements
Consistently high performance at both full and part load
Uncomplicated design with fewer moving parts and very low vibration
Supports Condition Based Service (CBS) schedules and the Sabroe Block Swap Concept
Standardized electrical panel and drive line, factory tested prior to delivery
Lowest possible operating costs and rapid return on investment
Maximum part-load efficiency and low life cycle costs
Exceptional reliability and low maintenance costs
Optimized service/maintenance intervals, and unscheduled downtime minimized
Rapid commissioning and maximum in-service reliability.
The Sabroe SABflex Screw Compressor.