SAB 800-10000 m3/h

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Sabroe SAB 800-10000 m3/h Screw Compressor

The Sabroe SAB 800-1000m3/h is a large single stage reciprocating compressor. The Sabroe SAB 800-1000m3/h is suitable for use in large industrial refrigerations where exceptional reliability, high performance and low operating costs are required.

The Sabroe SAB 800-10000 m3/h is designed to ensure low maintenance costs due to the good accessibility and ease of service. The Sabroe compressor units can be used with all common refrigerants and process gases.

Sabroe SAB 800-10000 m3/h Screw Compressor

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Variable speed drive and stepless capacity control ensure that the capacity is always adjusted to suit the requirements
SAB screw compressors are equipped with a UniSab 3 systems controller
Cold start Valve lubricates the Compressor, with no oil pump needed
Superfilter II oil filter captures 99% of all particles larger than 5 microns
Space-saving design with small footprint
Compact oil separator
Maximum part-load efficiency and lowest possible operating costs
More efficient operating profile, less downtime and longer service life
Lower operating costs and less maintenance
Longer bearing life, providing maximum reliability and savings on both maintenance and replacement
Significant reductions in space requirements
Highly efficient oil carry-over as a result of two-stage separation
8 different models available, ranging from 838 up to 9053 m3/h at 3000 RPM.
The Sabroe SAB 800-10000 m3/h Screw Compressor.