Other Carrier Equipment

Carrier 5H open-drive reciprocating Compressor

Automatic unloaded starting, so expensive high torque motors are unnecessary, reducing the initial expense. The high-efficiency motor can further increase the efficiency of Carrier 5H and Carrier 5F compressors. The crankcase casting, cylinder head, and valve plate designs allow for a smooth, unrestricted refrigerant flow. A refined, two-piece shaft seal assembly virtually eliminates seal leakage for maximum reliability over a wide temperature range.

The efficient crankcase heater design prevents the accumulation of liquid refrigerant in the crankcase during a shutdown and dilution of the compressor’s oil supply. As suction pressure changes, capacity control automatically reduces compressor capacity to as low as 35% of full-design load, reducing horsepower requirements as demand changes. Part-load operation increases energy efficiency, reducing utility bills.


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Large-capacity, manually reversible oil pump, automatic pressure regulator, and oil-filtering system provide positive pressure lubrication, extending life
Suction gases flow around cylinder sleeve to keep the cylinder cool, reducing cylinder wear
Greater operating efficiencies by running an oversized compressor at a reduced RPM.
The Carrier 5H open-drive reciprocating Compressor.