GAI-Tronics VR Hands-free Vandal Resistant Telephone

The GAI-Tronics VR Telephone is a Vandal Resistant telephone by using metal buttons and a flush mount design with no handset. The GAI-Tronics VR gives a quick and easy link to emergency or information lines. The GAI-Tronics VR provides hands free loudspeaking communications for in public areas. The internal components are protected by a weather resistant enclosure that is behind the faceplate.

Incoming calls on the GAI-Tronics VR are indicated by a flashing LED and an audible tone.

GAI-Tronics VR Hands-free Vandal Resistant Telephone
SMART Analogue and VoIP-SIP options
Vandal Resistant Metal Buttons
Hands-free operation
Robust and weather resistant: Up to IP65
One, two or three button autodial options with remote programming
Dual purpose design for flush or surface mounting, simple installation
Optional Induction Loop facility for hearing impaired*
Analogue version line powered down to 25mA*
Optional mains supply adapter
Non-volatile memory store
Audio-visual ring indication
CE Compliant

Available options
Analogue 1 Button

Analogue 2 Button

Analogue 3 Button

VoIP-SIP 1 Button

VoIP-SIP 2 Button

VoIP-SIP 3 Button

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