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GAI-Tronics Sentinel hands-free vandal resistant Telephone

The GAI-Tronics Sentinel is a hands-free, weather resistant Telephone which can be flush mounted or surface mounted. The Sentinel is designed to be fixed to a vertical surface with the use of vandal resistant tamperproof screws. The metal keypad and stainless steel faceplate provide protection in harsh environments up to IP65.

The GAI-Tronics Sentinel has a 16 button metal keypad that consists of 0-9 digits, volume up/down, MEM1, MEM2 and an ON/OFF button. Incoming calls are indicated by a flashing LED or and an audible tone.

GAI-Tronics Sentinel Hand-free Vandal Resistant Telephone

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SMART analogue as standard
Stainless steel faceplate
Full dialler metal keypad
2 x remotely programmable (non-volatile) memory locations
DTMF dialling
Line powered down to 25mA
Optional mains supply adapter
Hands-free operation
Weather resistant to IP65
Audio-visual ring indication
Flush or surface mount options available
Volume adjust button VOL +/-
CE compliant.
Available models:
228-02-650G-009 - Sentinel, 16 button, hands-free
100-02-1401-909 - Stainless Steel Surface mount box
100-02-0309-001 - TMA package (UK)
100-02-0309-002 - TMA package (Europe).