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GAI-Tronics PHP400 public access Telephone

The GAI-Tronics PHP400 Help Point is a rugged, public access hands-free Telephone that is housed in a white enclosure. The PHP400 is vandal resistant, weather resistant, provides hands-free loudspeaking communications and takes the Equality Act 2010 into consideration.


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Network rail approved
SMART analogue, GSM and VoIP-SIP options available
Large, vandal resistant metal buttons, palm operable
Raised text button legends with Braille
Induction loop facility for hearing impaired
Audio-visual ring indication
Emergency override
Hands-free operation
Local PA
Robust/Weather resistant: IP65
1 or 2 button autodial options with remote programming
Suitable for pole mounting to PSTN post or surface mounting, simple installation
400mm diameter.
Available models:
228-02-6131-90W - Analogue 1 Button (requires 48 Vdc)
228-02-6132-90W - Analogue 2 Button (requires 48 Vdc)
112-02-0081-11W - VoIP-SIP 1 Button (requires 48 Vdc)
112-02-0082-11W - VoIP-SIP 2 Button (requires 48 Vdc)
228-02-6101-90W - GSM 1 Button (requires 48 Vdc)
228-02-6102-90W - GSM 2 Button (requires 48 Vdc)
228-02-6242-90W - Analogue 2 Button (requires 230Vac)
228-02-6272-90W - GSM 2 Button (requires 230Vac)
100-02-0697-001 - Mounting Post.