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GAI-Tronics Commander plastic bodied heavy duty Telephones

The GAI-Tronics Commander is a tough, weather resistant heavy duty Telephone that is designed to withstand abuse and extreme environmental conditions. The body of the
GAI-Tronics Commander is moulded out of glass filled polyester which prevents rust and corrosion. The Commander is simple to install with fixings that are concealed from view to prevent vandalism.

GAI-Tronics Commander Plastic Bodied Heavy Duty Telephones

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Standard/SMART Analogue, VoIP-SIP and GSM (GSM-R) options available
Vandal Resistant Handset and Cord
Robust and weather resistant: IP65
Full keypad, CB and 1, 3 and 6 button
programmable autodialler Telephones
Wall or desk mounting
Simple installation
Large easy to see tactile buttons
Inductive coupler fitted as standard
for hard of hearing
Standard or customised units
CE compliant.
Available models:
028-02-2840-602 - Commander, Analogue, 0 button, yellow, steel cord
620-8221422122A - Commander, Analogue, 15 button, yellow, steel cord
227-02-0000-212 - Commander, SMART, 0 button, yellow, steel cord
227-02-000F-212 - Commander, SMART, 15 button, yellow, steel cord
111-02-001F-212 - Commander, VoIP, 15 button, yellow, steel cord
231-02-0003-212 - Commander, GSM, 3 button, yellow, steel cord.