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GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 397-700CB / 398-702CB VOIP Emergency Telephone

The GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 397-700CB/398-702CB VOIP Emergency Telephone is designed to provide direct point-to-point communications over an existing internet protocol LAN.

The GAI-Tronics 397-700CB/398-702CB provides a plug-and-play upgrade to an existing Code Blue 6-Hole telephone location with Cat5E/6 cabling. The VoIP telephones are intended for connection to a 10/100 BaseT Ethernet and operates using power-over-Ethernet or an alternative power source.

The GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 397-700CB/398-702CB features real-time alarm reporting so the supervisor can monitor the phone's activity or maintenance issues immediately.

The GAI-Tronics 397-700CB/398-702CB is ideal in applications that require point-to-point communications or telephone system access. Multiple phones can be accesses in the "PAGE" mode for one-way broadcasts.

GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 397-700CB / 398-702CB VOIP Emergency Telephone

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Weather resistant flush mount design Type-3R
Replaces existing code blue 6-hole Telephones
No additional interface required
Web page configuration
Real-time alarm reporting via email
power over Ethernet or alternative 48VDC supply
SIP compatible
RJ45 LAN or WAN direct connection
Automatic call divert (rollover), via memory list
Four inputs and two outputs per phone
auto answer
Braille HELP label
CALL received L.E.D. indicator
Multicast capable (up to 8 addresses).
Available models:
397-700CB - “HELP” Button Only
398-702CB - Full Keypad, “HELP” Button, Call Button.