GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 397-001CAM / 398-001CAM Camera Emergency Telephone

The GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 397-001CAM/398-001CAM is a camera emergency telephone with the same features of a standard RED ALERT Telephone, while adding the ability to monitor the area via a CCTV connection. The 397-001CAM/398-001CAM features an integral 1/3" CCD analogue Camera. The 397-001CAM/398-001CAM is ideal to expand an existing CCTV System.

The GAI-Tronics 397-001CAM/398-001CAM is designed to provide clear and reliable communication in various environments. The 397-001CAM/398-001CAM is Type-3R weatherproof when it is installed in a surface mount enclosure.

GAI-Tronics RED ALERT 397-001CAM / 398-001CAM Camera Emergency Telephone
Integrated 1/3"CCD Camera
Auto gain control
Auto electronic shutter
Auto white balance
Standard BNC video and 2.1mm power connection
Weather resistant flush mount design, type-3R
Telephone line powered
12 VDC power required for camera operation
CALL pushbutton for standard keypad dialling
12-Button, Braille keypad
Standard or SMART operation
Auto answer
2 programmable auxiliary outputs for peripheral equipment control
Operating temperature range -10ºC to +50ºC
Call received when lit L.E.D.
3-number rollover
UL/CSA 60950 Compliant
FCC Part 68 certified
ADA Compliant
Monitored by TMA Software

Available Versions
Weatherproof, Flush-mount, One-Button, Emergency Telephone with Camera

Weatherproof Flush-mount, Emergency Telephone, HELP and CALL Pushbuttons, Braille Keypad with Camera

TMA Application Package (includes single line transceiver, security key, interconnecting cables, software CD, and manual)

TMA Line Expansion Kit; one required for each additional monitored line…8 max. (includes single line transceiver, interconnecting cables, and manual)

Weatherproof 12 V dc Power Supply

Security Screwdriver

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