Explosion-proof ExResistTel

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FHF ExResistTel explosion-proof Telephone

The FHF ExResistTel explosion-proof Telephone is designed to be used in hazardous areas, and is adapted to the extreme conditions it will be exposed to.

The FHF ExResistTel can be used in the petro-chemical industry, on/offshore plants, mills and harbors. This means the ExResistTel is resistant to large temperature differences, air humidity, sea water and dust. The FHF ExResistTel is also certified to be used in hazardous dust and gas atmospheres.

FHF ExResistTel Explosionproof Telephone

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Temperature range -25°C to +60°C
Certified for dust and gas atmospheres
IP 66 EN 60529
Different housing colors.
Available models:
11286101 Ex-Telephone ResistTel black
11286201 Ex-Telephone ResistTel with blind plugs for metal cable gland M20 x 1.5
1128610102 Ex-Telephone ResistTel red
11286121 Ex-Telephone ExResistTel MB
1128610150 Ex-Telephone ResistTel GOST
11286101110 Ex-Telephone ResistTel UL black
1128610145 Ex-Telephone ResistTel black, Inmetro
11286102 Ex-Telephone ResistTel ZB black without keypad
11286202 Ex-Telephone ResistTel ZB with blind plugs for metal cable gland M20 x 1.5
1128610250 Ex-Telephone ResistTel ZB GOST without keypad
1128610202 Ex-Telephone ResistTel ZB red without keypad