GAI-Tronics Loudspeakers

GAI-Tronics Loudspeakers are designed for the reproduction and broadcast of voice communications. The GAI-Tronics Loudspeakers are suitable for use in industrial and commercial locations, especially in noisy and reverberant areas. GAI-Tronics Loudspeakers provide extremely high and efficiency in the speech frequency range, as well as tightly controlled coverage patterns.

Lavastica International can supply a wide range of GAI-Tronics Loudspeakers.
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Article Code Description
13310 Explosionproof Compression Driver
13314 Compression Driver
11381-005 UL Division 2, 15 Watt Speakers
13380-005 15 Watt ATEX Speaker
13380-007 UL Division 2, 25 Watt Speakers
13381-001 25 Watt ATEX Speaker