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GAI-Tronics Rigcom Communication System

The GAI-Tronics Rigcom is a common-talk Communication System that is designed for use in hazardous and harsh environments. The GAI-Tronics Rigcom is easy to operate with a push-to-talk/release-to-listen operation.

The GAI-Tronics Rigcom can also be configured for handsfree use, where the speaker is always in listen mode. The Rigcom has an explosionproof loudspeaker that also functions as a microphone and an explosion-proof case which houses the electronics.

The Rigcom 400-001 includes a speaker and driver unit, while the 400-002NS is a station without the speaker and the speaker unit. The speaker driver unit can be mounted remotely to the station. An auxiliary microphone and footswitch option can also be connected.

GAI-Tronics Rigcom Communication System

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Rugged Construction
Master/Slave or Common Talk Modes
Hands-free Operation
Hazardous Area Approvals
On-off / Volume Control Switch
Push-to-Talk Switch
Compatible with GAI-Tronics EZ Page
Universal Power 120 AC and 12 VDC
Option for Auxiliary Microphone
Option for Auxiliary Footswitch
Option for Remote Mounting of Speaker.
Available models:
400-001: RigCom Station
400-002NS: RigCom Station (no Speaker).