Hazardous Area Digital Intercom

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GAI-Tronics Hazardous Area Digital Intercom

The GAI-Tronics Hazardous Area Digital Intercom System provides communication between drill operators and rig personnel. The GAI-Tronics Hazardous Area Digital Intercom Station is available as an explosion-proof, weather-proof or desktop unit.

Standard intercom server units includes station line cards, audio interfaces and relay interfaces which allows an easy connection to PA, Radio or Alarm systems. Tone Generators and telephone/radio interfaces can be added to the system to create complex loudspeaking and PA systems. Each of the intercom server units can manage up to 16 digital or analogue subscribers, which can be expanded up to 32 subscribers.

GAI-Tronics Hazardous Area Digital Intercom

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Simple installation
User friendly programming with PC software
Digital communications
System easily explained
18Watt onboard speaker amplifier
Factory sealed
Suitable for high noise areas, NEMA 4X
Handsfree duplex or simplex operation
Division 1 & 2
Allows end-user to easily control, monitor and change the system setup
Reduces cabling and noise induction
Flexible enough to accommodate all size systems and system changes
Lower cost: no need for amplified speakers or booster amps
Lower installation cost
Flexibility in installation
Adaptable for different customer requirements
Provides safe communications in hazardous areas.
The GAI-Tronics Hazardous Area Digital Intercom.