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GAI-Tronics DHS/DHF/DSA Digital Intercom

The GAI-Tronics DHS/DHF/DSA is an intercom station that is designed for use in hazardous and non-hazardous areas, both in and outdoors and in high noise areas.

The GAI-Tronics DHS/DHF/DSA Intercom System can be upgraded to include alarms, radio interface, telephone interface, music and more. All the communication to the station is via a two-wire digital communication line.

GAI-Tronics DHS/DHF/DSA Digital Intercom

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Wall-mount cast aluminium enclosure
Simple cabling with 2 wires, star feed
Modern digital SMD technology
600 Ohm external audio
Private full duplex handset communication
Headset, gooseneck microphone and handset options
Single touch speed dialling
UL-Listed for division 2 hazardous areas.
Rugged design, stands up to harsh industrial environments
Provides safe communication in hazardous areas
Simple installation
16-button keypad with configurable buttons
Allows hands-free communications.
The GAI-Tronics DHS/DHF/DSA Digital Intercom.