Stahl Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera EC-740
explosion-proof Camera

The Stahl Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera EC-740 is an explosion-proof Camera. The Stahl EC-740 has a tilt range which allows to monitor objects below or above the camera position  (180° vertical).  With the day/night surveillance the Stahl Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera EC-740 provides security for outdoor areas.

The Stahl Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera EC-740 allows enlargement of the hazardous areas with the 18x optical zoom and the 12x digital zoom. The Stahl Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera EC-740 offers easy monitoring of vast areas with the flexibility and programmable paths.

Stahl Pan/Tilt/Zoom Camera EC-740

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The 316 stainless steel enclosure is easy to clean and has excellent seawater resistance for on- and offshore applications
The coated aluminum enclosure offers maximum protection at very light weight
Hardened front glass provides scratch protection
Heated lenses offer protection against condensation and frost
Wiper and washer (W&W) available for the PTZ (subsequent installation is possible)
Zone 1, 2.
IP69K protection allows easy cleaning of extremely soiled cameras by using a high-pressure cleaner
The temperature range of -40°C up to +75°C allows worldwide operation without additional enclosures
Maintenance-free, pressure-controlled, nitrogen-filled enclosure.