Scanjet Bio2 Rotating Spray Head

The Scanjet Bio2 is a rotating spray head that is driven by the cleaning fluid. The Scanjet Bio2 is a very effective CIP alternative when compared to other static spray balls. The Bio2 has fan like cleaning action, which provides improved coverage at low pressure whilst reducing the usage of cleaning media to a minimum. Each Bio2 has a double ball bearing design which allows installation and operation in any position.
Scanjet Bio2 Rotating Spray Head
Technical Specifications

Flow Range 0-15 USGPM (0-3.5m3/hr)
Pressure Range 0-70 PSIG (0-5 BAR)
Hygienic Design Yes
Max Working Temperature 95°C
Max Ambient Temperature 140°C
Weight 100 g
Connection 3/8” BSP or NPT, weld-on or pin
Materials Balls in AISI 316; all other parts in AISI 316L
Lubricant Cleaning media

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