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Mobrey Vertical Float Level Switches

The Mobrey Vertical Float Level Switch has a stainless steel sheathed permanent magnet which rises and falls in the glandless pressure tube with changing liquid level.

The switching is done with the Mobrey "3-magnet" system, giving snap-action "latch-on" switching. A switch mechanism is mounted inside the enclosure adjacent to the pressure tube. The vertical movement of the float magnet in the pressure tube simultaneously actuates the secondary and tertiary magnets in the switch mechanism to operate the contacts.

The "3-magnet" system enables the float magnet to pass on and actuate switch mechanisms at other levels. Switch mechanisms already actuated cannot re-set until the return of the primary magnet actuates the magnet system once again.

Mobrey Vertical Float Level Switches

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All the models in the Mobrey range of Float Switches are available for use with the Rosemount 702 wireless discrete Transmitter, allowing plant managers to cost-effectively access valuable data about the performance and safety of their plant.
The Mobrey Vertical Float Level Switches.