Kongsberg GLA-310/5 Radar Tank Gauge

The Kongsberg GLA-310/5 is a Radar Tank Gauge for gas carriers. The GLA-310/5 is designed to measure the level in tanks that contain liquefied gases. The Kongsberg
GLA-310/5 can accurately measure the level, regardless of the tank atmospheric conditions.

The flexible hardware and software modules ensures easy adaption to Liquefied Petroleum Gases (Propane, Butane), Liquefied Ethylene, Ammonia (NH3), and Liquefied Natural Gas. The Kongsberg GLA-310/5 is type approved, and can be applied as primary and secondary level gauge onboard gas carriers due to its modular design.
Kongsberg GLA-310/5 Radar Tank Gauge

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Approved for Custody Transfer (CTS)
Continuous level verification - AutroCAL®
Outstanding accuracy in the whole range
Measuring range 0 to 50 metres
Closed level gauge suitable for all tank designs
Utilize 50 mm still pipe
Modular design
‚ÄčIntrinsically safe for use in all zones.
The Kongsberg GLA-310/5 Radar Tank Gauge.