LevelDatic Non-Return Valves

LevelDatic Non-Return Valves are fitted in all the LevelDatic 80S Cabinets, one for every measuring line. This is done with the purpose to hinder any back flow tanks through the measuring lines into the instrument air supply system should the instrument air supply be lost for any reason.
External non return valves may be installed at tanks to prevent fluid from entering LevelDatic measuring lines in case of loss of air supply. The non return valves can be installed at the side of tanks, or at the top of tanks, whatever is more practical for the specific tank.

LevelDatic Non-Return Valves
For ballast tanks we recommend the use of non return valves in case a LevelDatic cabinet is  located lower than the head of the ballast water tank as a safety precaution against excessive hydrostatic back flow if the air supply is lost.

For fuel and other combustible fluids non return valves are recommended for safety reasons in case there is a remote possibility for spray on hot surfaces from pipe damage, or if there is a risk for pollution.

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