LevelDatic Pressure Management

The LevelDatic Level Measurement equipment for use in ballast and service tanks can be distinguished in two different technologies. The Electro-Pneumatic LevelDatic system provides reliable and accurate online information on tank levels, water ingress and ship draft.

The LevelDatic MAS2600 pressure transmitter is a durable and cost-effective level measurement solution with multiple mounting positions for ballast tanks, and is also suitable for draft measurement.

Both of the LevelDatic Systems can be used onboard all types of ships, and are suitable for newbuildings and retrofit installations.

LevelDatic Pressure Management
Lavastica International supplies various LevelDatic Level Measurement equipment.
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Article Code Description
MAS2600 Pressure Sensor
Pressure Calibration Kit Calibration Kit
80S Electro Pneumatic System
Non-Return Valve Electro Pneumatic System
Pneumatic Converter Electro Pneumatic System