Rosemount Workstation Unit for CMS

The Rosemount Workstation Unit (WSU) consists of the Workstation Computer(WSC) and the Workstation Monitor(WSM). The Workstation Unit is used to monitor tank ullages, temperatures, tank pressures and other data that is being handled by the Rosemount TankRadar CMS.

Rosemount Workstation
Technical Specifications
Computer Type approved PC.
Monitor 19"
Pointer device Mouse and/or trackball
Operating system Real time operating system QNX
Power consumption Max 300 VA.
Connection of associated equipment Via I/O box to Supply and Communication Unit
Dimensions (including mounting kit) WSC 185x495x450 mm (PC)
WSM W 430 x H 410 x D 193 mm (19" monitor)
Screen update time Max 2 seconds
Weight (PC with installation kit) 18 kg

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