Stahl Explosionproof Camera Stations

Stahl produces a wide range of Explosionproof Camera Stations. The Cameras from Stahl are designed to operate in extreme temperatures, ranging from -40ºC up to +75ºC. Stahl Camera Stations are suited for industrial process monitoring and security surveillance for hazardous and industrial areas.

Stahl Explosionproof Camera Stations
Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Stahl Camera Stations.
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Article Code Description
EC-710 Explosionproof Compact Camera
EC-740 Explosionproof Zoom Camera
EC-740 PTZ Explosionproof PTZ Camera
EC-750 Explosionproof Dome Camera
EC-800 PTT Explosionproof Thermal Image Camera
EC-800 TIC Explosionproof Thermal Image Camera