Cooper Hernis S36W T PTZ weather-proof
Camera Station

The Cooper Hernis Camera Station S36W T PTZ Dual is an advanced process and surveillance Camera Station that adds night vision to its application. Thermal imaging systems enable us to differentiate objects based on the variation of heat they generate.

Regardless of the visible light thermal imaging can thus be used for detection and will recognize objects in total darkness. Even in daylight thermal imaging detects objects at longer distances than the human eye. The Cooper Hernis  S36 Camera Station can be fitted with a large spectre of high resolution thermal cameras with lenses up to 100mm and a color CCD camera.

Cooper Hernis S36W T PTZ Camera Station

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Oil spill on water
Leakage detection, oil, gas, water, etc
Navigation during Night-time and in foggy conditions
Man over board (MOB)
Ice detection
Flare detection
Perimeter surveillance
Piracy detection.
The Cooper Hernis S36W T PTZ weather-proof Camera Station.