Cooper Hernis EX270 explosion-proof Camera Station

The Cooper Hernis Camera Station EX270 is an advanced process and surveillance camera that is certified to meet worldwide explosion-proof environments. The customized dome is hard coated for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility (EMC). This means that any extra safety measures during cleaning in Ex zones are now rendered superfluous. The hard coating further adds scratch resistance.

Cooper Hernis EX270 Camera Station

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EX certified for zone 1 (gas group IIB+H2)
Correct optical rendering
Scratch resistant coating (EMC)
Endless panoramic rotation
Automatic image flip
Automatic day/night function
IR sensitive
Internal cabling
Integrated Exe junction box
Audio (optional)
Auto focus with manual override
Auto iris with manual override
Multi-cable accommodated
Thermoelectric heating
Designed to accept future software upgrades remotely.
The Cooper Hernis EX270 explosion-proof Camera Station.