Hatteland Panel Computers

The Hatteland Panel Computers are all designed to be used in maritime applications. The Hatteland Panel Computers can all be desk mounted or console integrated. The Computers are available in a wide range of sizes, as well as performance specifications.


Hatteland Panel Computers
Hatteland Panel Computers are capable of running all of the marine applications, from ECDIS software through to engine monitoring and automation applications.

Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Hatteland panel Computers. Click below for more product information about the Hatteland Panel Computers.

Article Code Description
HD 07T22 MMC 7.0" Panel Computer
HD 08T21 MMC 8.0" Panel Computer
HD 12T21 MMC 12.1" Panel Computer
HD 13T21 MMC 13.3" Panel Computer
HD 13T22 MMC 13.3" Panel Computer
HD 15T21 MMC 15.0" Panel Computer
HD 17T21 MMC 17.0" Panel Computer
HD 19T21 MMC 19.0" Panel Computer
HD 24T21 MMC 24.0" Panel Computer
HD 26T21 MMC 26.0" Panel Computer
JH 15T17 MMC 15.0" Panel Computer
JH 15T17 MMC-S 15.0" Panel Computer
JH 19T14 MMC 19.0" Panel Computer