Mariner Mounting Kits

The Mariner Kits from Mariner are used to mount a monitor or PC to a horizontal surface, vertical surface or into a console or rack. The Mariner Kit protects the pc or monitor against shocks, vibrations and other conditions that may occur in offshore marine environments.

Mariner Mounting Kits
Mariner produces various Mounting Kits which can be supplied by Lavastica.
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Mounting Kit PC/Workstation
MS2310 HP 8300 Elite CMT
MS2320 HP 8300 Elite CMT
MS2330 HP 8300 Elite SFF
MS2340 HP 8300 Elite SFF
MS2350 HP 800 G1 TWR
MS2360 HP 800 G1 TWR
MS2370 HP 800 G1 SFF
MS2380 HP 800 G1 SFF
MS2410 HP 800 G2 TWR
MS2420 HP 800 G2 TWR
MS2430 HP 800 G2 SFF
MS2440 HP 800 G2 SFF