Hatteland Computers

The Hatteland Computers are type-approved Marine Computers, designed to provide excellent performance and flexibility while operating in harsh environments. The Hatteland Computers are high quality Marine Computers suited for navigation, monitoring or entertainment.

Hatteland Computers
Hatteland produces various Computers, which can be supplied by Lavastica International.
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Article Code Description
HM C02 Compact Rugged Naval Computer
HT 216 19" Compact Rackmount Computer
HT 221 19" Rackmount Computer
HT 416 19" Compact Rackmount Computer
HT B17 Compact Fanless Computer
HT B18 Compact Fanless Computer
HT B22 Compact Fanless Computer
HT C01 Compact High End Computer
HT CO2HI Compact High End Computer
HT CO2Hx Compact High End Computer