Safety Systems Technology (SST)

Safety Systems Technology (SST), established in 1988, is a world class engineering and manufacturing company headquartered in Southern California. SST has a full-line of Fire and Gas Detection systems that are engineered for quality and reliability.

SST manufactures industrial Fire and Gas Detectors such as UV Flame Detectors, UV/IR Flame Detectors, IR3 Flame Detectors, combustible Gas Detectors, toxic Gas Detectors and Fire and Gas Control Systems. In addition, SST also manufactures Heat Detectors,
Smoke Detectors, audible and visual Alarms and Suppression Systems.

SST products are used in a wide variety of industries such as oil and gas exploration and drilling, hazardous waste, chemical storage facilities, sewage treatment plants, ships and tankers, utilities, automobile manufacturing, refrigeration, nuclear facilities, alternative energy and industrial manufacturing facilities.

Safety Systems Technology (SST)

SST product range

The product range from SST consists of Beacons, Combination Units, Flame Detectors, Flame Detector Testers, Gas Detectors, Heat Detectors, Manual Call Points, Multisensors, Smoke Detectors and Sounders.

Lavastica International can supply a wide range of SST equipment worldwide. Due to our worldwide network and large stock, we are able to deliver the equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices.

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