Hekatron Fire Detection

Hekatron chose Lavastica International as it's official representative. Hekatron’s core activities are R&D and manufacturing of a wide range of fire and security products and systems.

Hekatron particularly emphasizes on quality and highly integrated system technologies. In 1964 the company designed and manufactured Europe’s first scattered light optical Smoke Detector.


Hekatron product range

The product range from Hekatron consists of Bases, Door (Holder) Systems, Heat Detectors, Power Supplies, Smoke Detectors, Smoke Switches and Test equipment.

Lavastica International can supply a wide range of Hekatron products and spare parts worldwide. Due to our large stock we are able to supply most of the Hekatron equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices. Also service engineers can be provided worldwide by Lavastica International.

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