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AWG Fire Fighting Fittings

Fire Fighters need equipment designed to fit into the hand. This basic principle has been the top priority for AWG for over one hundred years. In an emergency it is the only way to gain crucial seconds, deploy resources effectively and save lives.

AWG develops and manufactures products in line with all international standards at the Ballendorf plant in Germany. The experience AWG has gained from countless operations all over the world is incorporated into the development of their fire-fighting fittings and equipment.

In hard and stressful situations it all comes down to easy handling and robust construction. That is why AWG entrust their own highly qualified experts with design and production. Thus providing first-class equipment.

AWG Fire Fighting Fittings

Lavastica International can supply AWG Fire Nozzles worldwide. Due to our worldwide network and large stock, we are able to deliver the equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices.

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