Auxitrol Tank Gauging

Auxitrol, now known as Enraf Marine Systems, has joined Honeywell in 2007. Auxitrol is one of the leading companies in tank gauging en safety systems and have installed over 2000 electro-pneumatic systems in ships around the world. Auxitrol also develops radar technology for marine cargo tank gauging, used for safety and overfill prevention of tankers worldwide.

Auxitrol Tank Gauging

Auxitrol product range

The product range from Auxitrol consists of Communication Units, Level Sensors, Radar Sensors and Pressure Transmitters.

Lavastica International can supply various Auxitrol products and spare parts worldwide. Due to out large stock, we are able to supply most of the Auxitrol equipment in a short period of time against competitive prices. Also service engineers can be provided worldwide by Lavastica International.

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